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Dagmara Kowalik

Dagmara Kowalik

CEO & Co-Founder

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Aleksander Stós

Aleksander Stós

CTO & Co-Founder

+48 531 311 395


Kasia Świerczewska

Kasia Świerczewska

Head of Production

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Arthur Stefenbergs

Arthur Stefenbergs

Sydney Director

+61 404 505 760


How can we help you?


The best way is to get in touch and explain your idea. We start with a Product Design Sprint that will help you to build a solid plan of development, cost breakdown and will outline the potential future development of new features. It’s a tested and trusted process and, according to our clients, by far the most effective and cost-efficient way to build your minimum viable product.

Sure, that’s a common phase in which visualisations are created. We build digital prototypes of products and help with the design process. We usually work with CAD files - whether it’s 2D or 3D and some material references. The very least we would need is a sketch of what you have in mind and some guidance and feedback as we build it out from scratch.

We have dedicated Project Managers available in your time zone. They work closely with the team, explain our production and development processes and help with communication, schedules and budgets.

We approach every project differently, so we give you an estimate after we analyze your brief. For new software projects, we start with a Product Design Sprint that helps us to gather all needed information and assumptions about your project and come up with a plan of development, a thorough estimate and cost breakdown

Yes, we build reliable and sustainable products that scale well, so we’re not afraid to take care of maintenance after completing the agreed scope. We can discuss the details of an SLA agreement and be there when you need us to implement new features or updates.