Web App

Client: Telivy

Deliverables: web app for cyber-security industry

The Client:

Telivy is a San Francisco-based start-up in the cyber-insurance industry. They deliver a seamless digital tool for insurance agencies, help them simplify their process of acquiring new clients, and make it easier and smoother to construct the specific offer and pricing for them. A breakthrough innovation saving insurance agents’ time and clients’ money, simplifying a tedious and paper-based process.

Scope: Development

Tech Stack: Node.js, React, TypeScript

Funding: Y Combinator S21, AAF Management, GFC, Maschmeyer Group Ventures, Financial Venture Studio, Thomvest

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We developed a web app for the insurance start-up. The client decided to expand our working scope and partnership.

What did we do?

The initial concept consisted of UI designs and a business model. Throughout a few consulting sessions, we ironed out the details - edge cases, improvements, “what if?” questions, and a plan for the development and implementation. We used our team’s product-building experience and imagination to foresee potential pitfalls and put ourselves in our users’ shoes to see what they would find the easiest. In this case, thanks to the technical experience of the founders, we discussed the best architecture setup for our needs and proceeded with an approved action plan.

What was the challenge?

Unifying multiple input and output formats into a seamless user experience

To build a smooth experience for our users, we had to look into unifying the multiple forms required by all the carriers available in our app. With each carrier asking for different information and operating slightly differently, we had to ensure that the user would fill in one simple form and not even be aware of those discrepancies. Similarly, the output that we get from our carriers isn’t unified and comes in different formats - Telivy is ready to handle anything from raw data to multipage PDF documents.

ML-based quoting and recommendations engine

We integrated Telivy with various insurance providers so that once the user applies, our quoting engine sends multiple concurrent requests to our insurance providers asking for quotes on different terms. The quoting engine uses machine learning to process all the unified results and compares them not only in terms of their financial parameters but also takes into account the company’s industry, potential risks, relative company size, revenue, and other factors that influence the choice of an offer typically displayed by experienced insurance professionals. An important assumption in the business model was that the whole process should be done digitally. The last step of the process is purchasing and signing the approved offer. We integrated the payments with Ascend and Stripe, while the review and signing process was solved through integration with DocuSign.

Full visibility and real-time tracking for agents

The app is designed to be used as an effective and reliable tool by insurance agents or entire agencies, so it also includes features helping them to follow the process and stage of each application. An agent can import their leads manually or from their CRM system and get notified of the progress of each application. Thanks to this kind of visibility, they know exactly when to jump in if a client left the application at a certain point and can focus their efforts more effectively on closing their sales. Moreover, the whole client-facing UI can be branded by the agent, from the application, through to the offers sent by Telivy.

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Great success!

A good action plan coupled with our team’s product-building experience resulted in a scalable app that’s easy to iterate or pivot and a clear development process with high-level status updates for the founders. Whilst we take care of the product and development, the founders can focus on marketing, sales, and live demos. We feel that Telivy is just the start of something much bigger and we’re excited to be a part of this journey!

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