Nike Air Max 90 Bacon

Client: WSS

Deliverables: interior design and 3D rendered 360 interactive embed with landing page

Bacon shoes sold at a butcher's store? Indeed. We had the absolute pleasure to collaborate with Warsaw Sneaker Store on their unique on and off-line campaign to celebrate the release of the tasty Air Max 90 Bacon shoes.

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On the online side, we created a 3D rendered 360 meat store with interactive hot spots explaining the inspiration behind the shoe's design and the idea behind the opening sale event.

The online store reflected the look and feel of the physical one, purpose-built in Warsaw for the premiere of the shoes (and the serving of bacon/grilled-beetroot sandwiches).

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The virtual store was built in our imagination and on our computers. Admittedly, we had a tone of fun taking care of all the details and the complex lightning. this is no easy feat, but our team is no ordinary team.

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