Website & Strategy

Client: Gedeon Medica

Deliverables: complete rework of the website, information architecture, SEO, custom analytics panel

The client

Gedeon Medica is a group of clinics offering treatment for mental disorders, eating disorders, and psychosomatic diseases. As a result of dynamic growth, incl. an increase in the number and types of services and the launch of new treatment centers - the company faced a real challenge in terms of communication, management of online channels and assets as well, as an internal organization.

Scope: Development, marketing, branding, ads


We build a 300+ subpages site + a comprehensive online strategy on a very tight deadline.

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The existing website was severely lacking in terms of content and visual appeal. The main challenge was to quickly create and organize a lot of content - services, diseases, specialists, etc.; over 300 subpages in total.

The site includes a sub-site for two full-time care facilities, with its architecture and content strategy. The demand for mental care services is growing exponentially, and Covid19 only accelerated the trend.


We knew information architecture and seamless user journeys are the key and in need of iteration based on usage data. With the time pressure on us, we opted for as many ready-ready components as could be reasonably used while still ensuring the site runs fast on all devices.

We focused instead on configuring Google Analytics tools to fit our purposes. Once we completed the content, and formed the initial information architecture and formulated anticipated user journeys, keeping in mind the sensitivity of the information. We then vetted our initial formulations based on statistics, and iterated on IA. Rinse, repeat.

It also helped the client reconsider their services based on which information generated the most interest.

We leveraged the data to create a comprehensive online marketing strategy, set goals, formulate KPIs, organize and test the bottom of the funnel and roadmap the work on the rest, develop an SEO strategy, content pillars, and an omnichannel content calendar/messaging matrix. All this while assuring that client stays informed and can use the data in their other marketing activities.

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We increased sales across channels, increased engagement online, formulated, tested, and refined online marketing strategy, inc. content. It was a big success, and now we have a happy client for whom we are developing two more projects currently, including an internal platform and video content service for mental health advice.